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The bunker-opportunitee lookbook!

Tomorrow and sunday we will be tattooing at lowlands for the humanright tattoo project. Because of this special occasion we made some awesome shirts in collaboration with opportunitee. Opportunitee is a t-shirtlabel that focusses on cool prints made by young talent, go check them out!

Our shirts will be available at the human rights tattoo stand on the lowlands festival…but be quick because the shirts are limited edition.

Enough talk here the sexy pictures of rudolf maartens wearing the beautiful shirts:








Hot as hell

This week was hot like a pepper! Here are some tattoos to match that.

Roger Merling Meijer



Willem Jansen



Rudolf Maartens



Sebastiaan Hess


Bob Eus



A little bit of everything

Let’s start the year with a little bit of everything.

tomMehdi le Mair

koidragon2Roger Merling MeijerskullhelmWillem Jansen

geoThomas Goossens

martiniRudolf Maartens


Mehdi working on Tom of Finland, uhm Denmark… Or was it Norway


I Fucked Up!

I’m sorry! I screwed up on that last post! The sleeve by Mehdi was already on here.

So to make up for it, I’ll just post the same sleeve again….

Only now it’s healed.


Sleeve by Mehdi.
In progress by Florencio.

Roger Merling Meijer Special

So, I was digging through the archives just now and came across a couple of pictures I’ve never posted before.

Here by I’m dedicating this post to, by far, the prettiest and most sexually arousing tattooer in the northern hemisphere. My dear colleague and good friend, mister Roger Merling Meijer!
Look at the bonestructure on that!
Roger made this owl on the legendary tall Bob.
A religious sleeve on the legendary short Robin.
A script and a skull and a woman on a chest.
A snake on the legendary G.
Last but not least, a jewely mirror on the legendary wife.

The Process

Here’s a good example of how Mehdi goes to work, he started this Fu-dog sleeve a week ago or so.

First he makes a sketch on the body, for accurate measures and proportions as the following picture beautifully depicts.

Thereafter he makes the tattoo.


Mehdi finished this here black and grey Hannya sleeve, otherwise known as a jealous-woman-devil-bitch, also known as just women in general.
Half-healed half-fresh here on the picture, but he’ll be back soon so we can take a beter picture of the healed arm.

The End Of The Rainbow

The Leprechaun came by again, to get her sleeve finished.

 I promised not to say anything bad about her and her friends again, so I’ll keep it nice and short.


See! I can be a nice guy if I need to.