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Thumbs up for human rights tattoo

We worked our ass off for human rights. But we had so much fun and it was worth it. We tattooed 160 letters in just two days and send a message around the world. This is what we stand for. Equal human rights for every living being. Along with us already 1000 proud allies, among them The famous DJ, musician and host Eric Corton and television chef, owner at Caspar Bürgi

Check: the human rights tattoo website




Lullige tattoos

Last week the “g’s” came in and decided to take a friendship tattoo… are some photo’s



Rudolf woke up this morning, and found this ubahsweet note (in Dutch) under his smelly pillow.
It was a poetry (overloaded with love) from a client he tattooed.

Rudolf. Aan hem vertrouwde ik mijn droom toe. Aan zijn vakmanschap heb ik mezelf vandaag overgeleverd. En dat ging aardig snel en doelgericht. Ik wist wat ik wilde en waar, had er dan ook lang genoeg over nagedacht.


Het kwam in golven, dat denken en draaien. Soms was het gevoel heel sterk, en dat ebde dan weer weg. Maar het bleef terug komen. Ooit zou ze er zijn, dat wist ik wel.


Rudolf had een kwartiertje nodig om mijn idee te vertalen. Is dit het? Ja!


Dus na wat voorbereiding van zijn kant, lag ik dan naar de tl-verlichting aan het plafond te kijken. Me met vlagen bewust van mijn omgeving en van het moment. De muziek hield het midden tussen kreten van pijn en genot. Hoe toepasselijk, dacht ik nog, terwijl mijn pols voelde alsof er telkens met een vlijmscherp mesje in gesneden werd. Niet lekker, maar telkens kort genoeg om niet echt pijn te ervaren. Gewoon beetje vervelend gevoel. Af en toe keek ik naar wat hij aan het doen was, geconcentreerd en stil. Zijn proces en het mijne.


Tien minuten later was ze op mijn lichaam verschenen: een vlinder en een (b)engel in één. Sierlijk, vrouwelijk en simpel. Jaren over gedaan……ongelofelijk nog een beetje dat ze er nu is!


Ze blijft de rest van mijn leven bij mij. Omdat ze bij me hoort en een vertaling is van een gevoel. Het is goed zo!


And now a special about the one and only, Rudolf Maartens a.k.a. Andy McCockinson a.k.a. Triangulum Nigrum.











Stay tuned for more specials!


A black and grey tatbanger by Florencio the mexican savage.
Detail shot of a lotus by Mehdi the french freak.
A magestical testicle tatter by Roger the indosnesian dancer.
A tralala mandalala by Thomas ‘faster than light’ Goosebumps
An indjun by Willem the german with the gay bicycle.
Someones name by Rudolf the african slave.

Roger Merling Meijer Special

So, I was digging through the archives just now and came across a couple of pictures I’ve never posted before.

Here by I’m dedicating this post to, by far, the prettiest and most sexually arousing tattooer in the northern hemisphere. My dear colleague and good friend, mister Roger Merling Meijer!
Look at the bonestructure on that!
Roger made this owl on the legendary tall Bob.
A religious sleeve on the legendary short Robin.
A script and a skull and a woman on a chest.
A snake on the legendary G.
Last but not least, a jewely mirror on the legendary wife.

A Little Bit Of Everything

Got a little mix of doodles that the guys here at the Bunker made over the last couple of weeks.

Yet another owl by Willem.
 Looks like owls are going to be the new thing in 2012. Wolves and koi fish are sooo 2011.

Mehdi finally got to finishing the feng huang sleeve, a lot of color and detail went into this one.

Kraken lady with skull and roses on the lower leg by Roger.

Florencio finished up this Mary and angel sleeve a couple of days ago.

Last but not least, I got two little script pieces by Willem.
Got to love what the later one says.

It’s The Little Things In Life We Forget

Whassup whassup!

Back again!
Again? You ask. Yes again, I say…

Anyway, where was I?
Oh yeah, the little things in life… I got a couple of smaller sized tattoos for you guys.

King B by King Willum
Life’s a gamble by his royal highness Willum the great.
A little one Florencio did on a friend and fellow tattooer from Argentina.

Roger the fierce got to get nasty with little Xanthe’s palm.
He also got to do the nasty on this other girls shoulder. With a little framed picture.
And, with that we conclude todays picture section on the blog.

Now, some of you sharp-eyed observant readers out there might have noticed that, yesterday the blog changed yet another 23902 times.
That however will no longer happen, since I’m sticking with how it looks now, clean and simple.

Now go tell all of your friends!

See you all in Brussels.


Hidy Ho folks!

Got some script photos by Willem and Roger for you guys.

By Roger

By Roger again.
By Caveman
By Caveman aswell.

I have even more pictures for you this week!! Doesn’t that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? I know I do!

Picture Dump

Willem stayed true to this customers vision of his tattoo.
Florencio. Not finished yet, needs some more black.