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What the!?

We had a good time at the breda convention.Thanks for dropping by the booth, the beer and for getting tattooed!

Here are some tattoos Rudolf did at the convention.

Rudolf Maartens

hartsantinoRudolf Maartens


Bird is the word!

Well everybody’s heard about the bird !
Bird bird bird, the bird is the word !
pauwMehdi Le Mair


uilRoger Merling Meijer


babyfogelWillem Jansen


DSC_0672Rudolf Maartens


A little bit of everything

Let’s start the year with a little bit of everything.

tomMehdi le Mair

koidragon2Roger Merling MeijerskullhelmWillem Jansen

geoThomas Goossens

martiniRudolf Maartens



A black and grey tatbanger by Florencio the mexican savage.
Detail shot of a lotus by Mehdi the french freak.
A magestical testicle tatter by Roger the indosnesian dancer.
A tralala mandalala by Thomas ‘faster than light’ Goosebumps
An indjun by Willem the german with the gay bicycle.
Someones name by Rudolf the african slave.

Another (dutch) message

Mehdi and Roger are paging each other again in the early morning. This time it is half dutch:

Monsieur Le Mair,

Ik vind het niet fair,
dat jij zulke mooi krullen hebt,
in je hair…

Dat weerhoudt me er niet van,
me te ontwikkelen en te vechten,
als een ware vakman, in hart en nieren, met een krultang…

Dan rest mij nog de vraag,
Gaan jij inkt aanbrengen in de toplaag,
Van de mensch,
Rekening houdend met hun wensch,
En tevens grappen en grollen met jongensch van de bendover-bensch?

Ik zeg; ja!
Schrijf mij maar in…
Een dichter ben ik gin..
Maar wel een plaatsje…. Achterin(de black fahrt)

Mehdi working on Tom of Finland, uhm Denmark… Or was it Norway


I Fucked Up!

I’m sorry! I screwed up on that last post! The sleeve by Mehdi was already on here.

So to make up for it, I’ll just post the same sleeve again….

Only now it’s healed.


Sleeve by Mehdi.
In progress by Florencio.

The Process

Here’s a good example of how Mehdi goes to work, he started this Fu-dog sleeve a week ago or so.

First he makes a sketch on the body, for accurate measures and proportions as the following picture beautifully depicts.

Thereafter he makes the tattoo.


Mehdi finished this here black and grey Hannya sleeve, otherwise known as a jealous-woman-devil-bitch, also known as just women in general.
Half-healed half-fresh here on the picture, but he’ll be back soon so we can take a beter picture of the healed arm.