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Hot as hell

This week was hot like a pepper! Here are some tattoos to match that.

Roger Merling Meijer



Willem Jansen



Rudolf Maartens



Sebastiaan Hess


Bob Eus




A little bit of everything

Let’s start the year with a little bit of everything.

tomMehdi le Mair

koidragon2Roger Merling MeijerskullhelmWillem Jansen

geoThomas Goossens

martiniRudolf Maartens


I Fucked Up!

I’m sorry! I screwed up on that last post! The sleeve by Mehdi was already on here.

So to make up for it, I’ll just post the same sleeve again….

Only now it’s healed.


Sleeve by Mehdi.
In progress by Florencio.

You Guessed It!

A regular blog update just wouldn’t be complete without a koi sleeve on here!

And why not make that two koi sleeves while we’re at it.
 First one by Mehdi, second one by Roger Federer.


Pow pow pow!
First post of 2012, 300th post total!

Happy New Year everybody!

I got a couple of picturas por mi trusty readers.

First off, a chest by Mehdi, wich is actually finished already. I can’t find the finished picture, so you’ll have to do with this one for now.
However, Mehdi did post it on his Twitter, maybe you can find on there, while you’re at it, follow the boss man.

Also I got this koi sleeve by Mehdi, wich I’ve had lying around for almost half a year now, maybe it’s time to post it now.

I only have a little Phoenix by Florencio.

He actually finally got a smart phone, so he’s figuring that out and posting more images on his facebook, with a lot of in progress work you won’t see here on the blog, so go and befriend him aswell.

Willem decided to extend his urban-zoo animal collection with a Pigeon and a Trout.

Horikoi and Horidancer

Florencio finished up this koi and lotuses\loti\lotus flowers he started a while back on this guys back.
Mehdi added a little piece to fill up Charlie’s 3/4 to the wrist of a Indonesian dancer lady.

I’m Blue, Dabadi Dabadai

Blue koi, is having a blue day. Dabadi Dabadai

Der Koi Und Der Dragon

I’m not completely sure if I already posted the story of how the koi turns into a dragon here on the blog. So I’ll keep it short, I don’t want to be repeating myself, now do I?

The koi fish in Japanese folklore represents the overcoming of obstacles, because the koi fish travels up the yellow river and when it successfully climbs the waterfall at the end of the river it transforms into the dragon.

Thus representing that if one is able to overcome obstacles/challenges they will be greater for it.

Click the image for larger size.

If The Suit Fits…

Put it on.