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Hot as hell

This week was hot like a pepper! Here are some tattoos to match that.

Roger Merling Meijer



Willem Jansen



Rudolf Maartens



Sebastiaan Hess


Bob Eus




Roger Merling Meijer ‘t Geeltje rooit’ut

eagle with pepper in his reet
20130216-221534.jpgMarilyn Monroe portrait

Mehdi working on Tom of Finland, uhm Denmark… Or was it Norway


It May Not Be Imposed On The Size, But Rather So On The Quality Of Motion Applied.

I have here, conjoined to this here piece of typed text, a couple of pictures depicting smaller sized tattoos that were done here, within the time span of, anywhere from one day to as far back as a couple of weeks ago.
The tattoos depicted were done by various of the tattooers that find themselves here, working on a temporarily if not so permanent basis.

The pictures as herefore described in the text will now be posted here under in no particular order. Following the name of the tattooer that has created the tattoo depicted on the above picture.

Florencio Rojas
Rudolf Maartens
Thomas Goosens


Sleeve by Mehdi.
In progress by Florencio.

The Process

Here’s a good example of how Mehdi goes to work, he started this Fu-dog sleeve a week ago or so.

First he makes a sketch on the body, for accurate measures and proportions as the following picture beautifully depicts.

Thereafter he makes the tattoo.

Vikinger Fra Lala-land

Our good ol’ viking friends came by again last week.
Birdy was so much entertained by Mehdi’s work and what he had to say, that he took a nap on the spot.

That Jet-lag really gets you after those long two-hour flights…
Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of the work in-progress, some background got shaded and a couple million dragon scales got lined.

Florencio got to do a little filler moth on Morty’s throat.

And last but not least I have a picture for you guys, of Willem trying to lick a cock!

I’ll Poke You In The Third Eye!

As promised yet another picture.

A little detail from a sleeve Mehdi is working on.

Vive La France

Mehdi started this here sleeve on Benjamin, whom came all the way from france just to get it done by Mehdi.

Really cool guy, and a trooper he sat two days straight to get as much done as possible and didn’t complain a bit.

 This picture was taken after the first day session, only the lines got done, second day a lot of shading and some additional lining got done.
He’ll be back soon to get it finished up, so I’ll keep you guys posted.


Pow pow pow!
First post of 2012, 300th post total!

Happy New Year everybody!

I got a couple of picturas por mi trusty readers.

First off, a chest by Mehdi, wich is actually finished already. I can’t find the finished picture, so you’ll have to do with this one for now.
However, Mehdi did post it on his Twitter, maybe you can find on there, while you’re at it, follow the boss man.

Also I got this koi sleeve by Mehdi, wich I’ve had lying around for almost half a year now, maybe it’s time to post it now.

I only have a little Phoenix by Florencio.

He actually finally got a smart phone, so he’s figuring that out and posting more images on his facebook, with a lot of in progress work you won’t see here on the blog, so go and befriend him aswell.

Willem decided to extend his urban-zoo animal collection with a Pigeon and a Trout.