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The Process

Here’s a good example of how Mehdi goes to work, he started this Fu-dog sleeve a week ago or so.

First he makes a sketch on the body, for accurate measures and proportions as the following picture beautifully depicts.

Thereafter he makes the tattoo.


Protect Ya Neck

Remember our favorite and last customer of 2010, Verena, whom brought us the cupcakes?

Well, this is how her arm turned out .

It’s a mix of a chinese Guardian Lion and space invaders.
The Guardian Lions are more commonly known as Fu Dogs.
Tradition says that the placing of two large statues of male and female lions near the entrance of an establishment was intended to ward off evil spirits and protect from enemies and thieves. So they naturaly stand for protection.

The male dog stands taller than the female and under his right paw is a ball representing the world and life. The female has a baby Fu Dog under her left paw, representing family. The female is placed to the left while the male is placed to the right of the entrance.