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The bunker-opportunitee lookbook!

Tomorrow and sunday we will be tattooing at lowlands for the humanright tattoo project. Because of this special occasion we made some awesome shirts in collaboration with opportunitee. Opportunitee is a t-shirtlabel that focusses on cool prints made by young talent, go check them out!

Our shirts will be available at the human rights tattoo stand on the lowlands festival…but be quick because the shirts are limited edition.

Enough talk here the sexy pictures of rudolf maartens wearing the beautiful shirts:








Once There Was A Belly

And it had a dragon on it.
The dragon was looking for the illusive belly button, but could not find it where ever it looked.

Picture Dump

Willem stayed true to this customers vision of his tattoo.
Florencio. Not finished yet, needs some more black.

Quick! Hide The Evidence

Willem killed two dragons with a bat today!

Two dragons just minding their own business on a cloudy spring day.

When all of a sudden Willem the barbarian, kicks in the door and smashes their faces with his bat.

The Bigger Picture

Here’s the rest of Saturdays post.

Very appropriate design choice, a phoenix. Seeing that it is a cover-up, the phoenix, representing second chances, fits quite well in the picture.

Note to reader: It’s half-healed-half-fresh, that’s why the contrast is higher on some places than others.


Sorry, but I’ll have to leave you in suspense this whole weekend.

It’s a cover up sleeve.

No Turning Back

If only I could turn back the hands of time.
I’m such a retard! This girl came in today to get a cover-up in her neck.

She had this ugly initial of her ex in her neck, wich she didn’t like anymore, for obvious reasons.

So we made her a nice pink sakura cover-up, only I didn’t make a before picture! You’ll just have to imagine how it looked before.