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The bunker-opportunitee lookbook!

Tomorrow and sunday we will be tattooing at lowlands for the humanright tattoo project. Because of this special occasion we made some awesome shirts in collaboration with opportunitee. Opportunitee is a t-shirtlabel that focusses on cool prints made by young talent, go check them out!

Our shirts will be available at the human rights tattoo stand on the lowlands festival…but be quick because the shirts are limited edition.

Enough talk here the sexy pictures of rudolf maartens wearing the beautiful shirts:









Sometimes you forget something.
normally those ‘somethings’ are little daily stuff, just like this: forget to put your phone in your pocket.
Roger, the king of forget to carry his phone with him, get punked with this ‘little’ thing.

Some people (dont call names), took 123910 photos with his iphone.

Time to take some revenge!

Wee lim



Thanks for the photos bitches!

After this incident, Roger gave Boyke a ‘dont forget’ tattoo… just for his own goods!



Red shirt, white print

Tall Bobeus and Erik M(aster) gave it all for this gift to LUST. LUST is a platform for creative professionals.. We made this t-shirt. They will be exposed and sold on RAUW & LAUW festival. For questions mail us.



Today is a huge day for awesome radical mankind. As for this day marks the official date that B.E.A.R.D. was founded.

The Bureau for Extremely Awesome Radical Dudes is an organization founded by Willem Jansen and Rudolf Maartens, charged with protecting the world from stuff.

It maintains the services of several supernatural persons, including Willem and myself. The B.E.A.R.D. originally appeared in Willem’s head this morning, but has also been featured never before.

B.E.A.R.D. intends on recruiting all of the worlds most extremely awesome radical dudes into the hugest awesomestest radical dudes organisation on the planet earth world.

If you think you have what it takes, go and add yourself to our organisation at B.E.A.R.D.
Do note! there are some strict admission requirements that you will have to meet, before we will fully accept you as a B.E.A.R.D. agent.

For once, you actually have be able to grow beard on your own without the help of any known artificial hair growing substances (sorry Roger, nothing personal).
Also, you will have to be extremely awesome and radical. (Note the name of the actual organisation.) And you will have to be a dude, so no women or animals allowed!
However we would consider extending memberships to dogs and really smart monkeys aswell.

Double The Action, Double The Pain.

Oh.. have I got something fun for you guys today.

Remember the dragon backpiece we started this blog off with, well Danny, the nice fella whos back it is, wanted it done as soon as possible so we went all out for him and doubled up on the action.

Florencio Rojas, our guest artist was all to happy to lend a helping hand in a time of need.

After a little bit of discussing of “who-is-going-to-do-what” they got started.

By the way, I am getting tattooed myself as I’m writing this, so don’t expect it to be perfect. Willem is finishing up a piece on my calve, so maybe I’ll post that soon.
But enough of that, let’s get back to the post.

Here a close up of the dragons head.

After a couple of hours Mehdi was left alone to finish up as Florencio had to finish up a piece of his own, wich I will include at the end of this post.

All off the shading and scales were done today. Not bad for about three hours of work.

After working on the backpiece with Mehdi, Florencio had some time to finish up this flower sleeve he was working on.