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The bunker-opportunitee lookbook!

Tomorrow and sunday we will be tattooing at lowlands for the humanright tattoo project. Because of this special occasion we made some awesome shirts in collaboration with opportunitee. Opportunitee is a t-shirtlabel that focusses on cool prints made by young talent, go check them out!

Our shirts will be available at the human rights tattoo stand on the lowlands festival…but be quick because the shirts are limited edition.

Enough talk here the sexy pictures of rudolf maartens wearing the beautiful shirts:








Better Late Than Never

Like the title says already, this post is later than it was supposed to be.

I was supposed to put up the winners of the sticker contest, but I haven’t.
I know I’m not that good at planning stuff, so you should blame my secretary for not letting me know on time. Or maybe you should blame the fact that I don’ t even have a secretary, or even more so, the fact that I don’t even have an agenda.

First off I have a couple of entries, I haven’t put up yet.
Kinder Bunker.

Bunker chewinggums.

Bunker soaps.

Bunker bunny.

Unfortunately none of these where included in the final three.
But these where!

Third place goes to, Mehdi and I.
Now don’t go saying it’s unfair, because it’s our competition. I just had to include it. Come on seriously, how often do you see stickers on a plane? Especially Bunker stickers?
Samuel L. Jackson would be getting tired of these motherf*cking stickers on these motherf*cking planes.

Second place goes to, Dennis.

For his Bunker shirt improv. The only reason he is in the final three, actually, is because het got me a sandwich the other day.

The first prize goes to, Pascal!

For his pirate sticker. Because pirates kick ass and they deserve some credit for that every once in a while.

All the above winners can come by to collect their prizes, when they want, as they want and if they want.

Do The Dodo

The dodomandude came back for some color.
There’s nothing like a little bit of color to tie everything together with.

Then some news about the sticker contest. I have a closing date, next week saturday will be the last day you can send in your pictures.
Tuesday the 19th, I will announce the winners.
For all of you whom really thought that Mehdi and I won the first prize, I actually got some serious commentary about that not being fair. I was joking.
We aren’t going to enter the competition ourselves, that would make it pointless for you guys. Since we already have the coolest most original picture. Just kidding.

So send in those pictures, nine days to go.

Picture Post From Hell

I have a load of sticker pictures for my trusty readers.

First off, Mehdi’s mother sent in this one, of a portrait his father had drawn of him when he was 2 years old.
Somehow she thought it might be a good idea to put a sticker over it.  Still a good and original one. I bet none of you guys thought about sticking one on a portrait done by Cornelis le Mair.

I stuck one on Roger.

Looks like someone broke into the Rijksmuseum and stuck one on an original Rembrandt.

Roger striking a pose.

One for the loo.

One of the many stickers that decorate the streets of London now.

We tried to get a sticker on all the great British landmarks, unfortunately we didn’t get a double-decker bus. We did however get the Big Ben and a telephone booth.

Stickfigure with a bunkershirt on.

A bunkeragenda.

And a couple of bunkerteets.

And here my friends if you look closely, you will see a bunkersticker that has two bunkersticker world records on its name. Both fastest and highest bunker sticker ever.

Just before we left England to fly back home, I stickered the airplane we were boarding. I didn’t have enough time to take a picture aswell, luckily it stayed on the whole flight and when we landed in Eindhoven I got a chance to take a picture of it.

To my knowledge this is the most original picture of a bunkersticker and therefore also the winner, so Mehdi and I will be sharing the first prize, since it was his idea and my execution of it that brought us to this picture.

Still second and third place up for grabs.

We will be attending the Eindhoven Tattoo Convention tomorrow and sunday. Come and say hi.

See you guys there.

London Bridge Is Faling Down

Just a little update to let you guys know, we are back and better than ever!

With a super hi-tech special undercover top secret never seen before ultimate action sticker picture.
We built a Bunker tower in England next to the Big Ben. Ours was bigger than theirs.

We made a couple of sticker pictures ourselves whilst in England, and if you ask me, I’m in the lead!
So be quick and send in your pictures, I’ll put up a special picture post sometime this week.

They’re Here

Our friend Merlijn Zeeders came by today.
Not only is he a friend of ours, he is also our graphic designer and a graphic artist himself.
He is having an exposition of his digital artwork in Tilburg from the 7th to the 30th of September. Go and check it out.

We got one of the prints from his expo, and he came by to sign it today.
The cool thing about the print is that it has a lot of pictures from in and around Breda and even a couple from our tattoo shop incorporated into the final design.
There are still some limited edition prints available of his work, if you are interested you can contact him.
You can find more information about it on his site MadreDios.

Another thing that might be mention worthy, is that he didn’t only come by to sign the picture, he also brought a little present with him.
That’s right! The stickers are back, so let’s get busy vandalising stuff.
Tomorrow is the last day this week you can come by and get some stickers from the shop. Seeing that we are heading to London on friday. However I’ll make sure to drop of a couple of them at Bonk, Epic and Britain, so you can still pick them up when we are out of town.
Don’t forget to send in pictures of all your sticker escapades. There will probably be a big sticker update as soon as we get back from London this weekend.

Tomorrow is the last blog update for this week, but it’s a very special one, so don’t forget to check it out.

Shame On You

I got this picture in the mail today.
It’s a great picture and great idea, sticking the bunker sticker on the photograph so that it looks as if the guy is wearing a Bunker shirt. Only thing is, it’s stuck on a public photo exposition going on here in Breda.

Too bad I will have to disqualify this one aswell. I don’t think it is a good idea to go out and vandalize public art with our stickers. So I’m sorry Dennis, seems like luck is not on your side with this contest.

A few tips for the next try: Don’t vandalize art. Don’t abuse animals. And stick on your stickers properly.

I got news today that the new stickers will be in by the end of this week, or otherwise the beginning of next week

Parties Suck

Without your friends parties just don’t cut it.

I ordered some new stickers today, so they’ll be in soon. I’ll let you guys know when to come and pick some up. Before the competition ends.

Holy Monkey Nuts

That’s a shit load of pictures. I have to give it to you guys, I didn’t expect to receive this much pictures in the first week.
A lot of good ones, unfortunately there are also a few I will have to disqualify, but more about that in a sec.

I even got a couple of pictures myself when I was in Den Bosch this weekend.
Unfortunately I will have to disqualify the following pictures, as for I don’t consider half-curled-off stickers as fully or properly stuck on.

Pascal sent me this one, wich I consider one of the top contenders for this competition.
Even though I should probably disqualify it for not being properly stuck on something, its originality won me over, and I’m still the boss of this here competition so I can make exceptions like that.

These two were sent in by Dennis.

At first I was impressed with the police car, but after a second glance you clearly see that it’s not stuck on fully. Cheating, by folding over 2 corners and sticking it on, shame on you Dennis. I’m sorry, but I will have to take that one out of the competition, too bad, because I really liked it.

As for the horse, that’s just wrong, disqualified aswell, on count of animal cruelty.
Animal cruelty and cheating? You of all people should know better Dennis. I’ll give you another chance to prove your honesty and loyalty, you can still compete, but you’ll have to make new, better pictures. No cheating this time.

Other Dennis sent me the following three.
Not the most unusual spot I’ve come across, but they are stuck on good and with care, and will go a long way, so they earn some respect.

This is a good one, nice spot, properly stuck on and blends in well, so it will probably hang there for a while.
A couple of trash cans, good! Except for the last one, upside-downers don’t count.
Same goes for this one.
Last but not least, a good one, but rather obvious spot.

The competition will probably run untill we leave for London, end of this month, so you still have a couple of days to stick those stickers on the most ridiculous spot you can imagine, send them to and earn some discount on tattoos, piercing, or win the special bonus prize.

Remember, no cheating! You can’t cheat on a cheater.