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Honey Skull

Willem finished up this skull and snake a couple of months ago already.
I think I might have posted a in-progress picture of it quite a while back, but I’m not that sure about it.

The eagle and heart weren’t done by Willem though.


Horikoi and Horidancer

Florencio finished up this koi and lotuses\loti\lotus flowers he started a while back on this guys back.
Mehdi added a little piece to fill up Charlie’s 3/4 to the wrist of a Indonesian dancer lady.

Picture Dump

Willem stayed true to this customers vision of his tattoo.
Florencio. Not finished yet, needs some more black.

Indonesian Garuda

Florencio the mexican, finished up this here back piece yesterday, the guy already had the tribal curls on his upper back, wich he wanted incorporated in the whole thing.

And furthermore a little preview on a Phoenix, Mehdi is working on.

Vikinger Fra Helvete

We had an awesome week here at the new shop. We could really get used to this whole new setting, I think.

Willem and I are sitting outside, next to a nice little fire we got started here, while I’m writing the blog, and winding down from a hectic but fun week.

Word of our new huble abode travels fast and far nowadays. Yesterday we got attacked and plundered by a pack of Evil, Wolf-Wrestling, Killer, Rapist, Vikings-From-Hell.

Really nice people!

I think they could have been part vampire aswell, because they couldn’t stand the sun that good.

Here is a picture of when they caught Mehdi and started assaulting and man handling him. Poor guy, he didn’t stand a chance against the Norwegian-bare-handed-bear-killers.

All kidding aside, they were really cool guys, and girl. Birdie came all the way from Norway to get the rest of his back started by Mehdi, He already had a piece by him that they started a couple of years ago in Copenhagen. Now he came back to get the rest of his back done.

We had a great time hanging out with these guys talking about wolf-wrestling-techniques, chewing ‘cow dung’ tobacco, and plundering villages in the old days.

That’s a container of the cow dung tobacco, when you put it in your mouth for a while, it supposedly makes your breath smell like real viking breath and makes you irresistable to the viking women. Really potent stuff!

Mehdi got Birdie back pretty well for man-handling him earlier. With a 5 hour lining session on his sunburnt back.

All in all, take some awesome people, some awesome food, an awesome shop mix them all together and what you get is a pretty awesome time.

The Birds And The Bees And The Flowers And The Trees

Roger started this here upper back piece today.

20 Something

It’s a dragon backpiece Mehdi finished a while back.
This one, he started about 2 or 3 years ago. Now he finaly came by to get it finished.

Espalda Mojada

I don’t want to sound racist or anything, but this looks like the proper definition of a wetback.

Second session with Mehdi, more to come.

Back To Daily Life

Just another day at the office for us. More tattoos to be done. More drawings to be drawn. More coffee to be had.

And a little piece to be added to a backpiece.


A small update on the Garuda back Mehdi is working on.

And just to keep you guys interested and coming back, I will do a full information-education post on Garuda on the next update of this back. Just to get all of you schooled in tattoo symbolism, and symbolism in general.