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Month: August, 2013

Thumbs up for human rights tattoo

We worked our ass off for human rights. But we had so much fun and it was worth it. We tattooed 160 letters in just two days and send a message around the world. This is what we stand for. Equal human rights for every living being. Along with us already 1000 proud allies, among them The famous DJ, musician and host Eric Corton and television chef, owner at Caspar Bürgi

Check: the human rights tattoo website



Amy Lee portrait

Some black and grey work from Roger Merling Meijer



The bunker-opportunitee lookbook!

Tomorrow and sunday we will be tattooing at lowlands for the humanright tattoo project. Because of this special occasion we made some awesome shirts in collaboration with opportunitee. Opportunitee is a t-shirtlabel that focusses on cool prints made by young talent, go check them out!

Our shirts will be available at the human rights tattoo stand on the lowlands festival…but be quick because the shirts are limited edition.

Enough talk here the sexy pictures of rudolf maartens wearing the beautiful shirts:







Celebrity visit!

Today we had a celebrity visit, Fresku a.k.a. Gino Pietermaai a.k.a. Rudolf’s big hero came by the shop to get a new tattoo!
Rudolf was Happy as a little child in the candy store.

Here’s the proof:


Some freshly healed stuff!

It’s always nice when people come in to show their nicely healed tattoos!

A mandala by Rudolf Maartens.


And a matryoshka by Roger Merling Meijer.