Eat The Rich

Month: January, 2013

Weird situations!

Some crazy things happened last time!

Roger killed a panther again, this time because he was against the church.
Willem made a lobster who’s really into strawberries.

And Rudolf set Tineke’s throat on fire.

DSC_0829Roger Merling Meijer

lobsterWillem Jansen



fakkeltinekeRudolf Maartens

First one!


Our lovely intern Erik M(onsterc*ck) get the chance to do his first tattoo!

Sadly enough, his first client was a pain in the ass…

DSC_0776 copy


DSC_0784 copy

And here some nice pieces from the other guys.

550016_10151290054898768_542914738_nMehdi Le Mair

PANTHERRoger Merling Meijer

dragonchestWillem Jansen


skullllllRudolf Maartens


Have a nice weekend y’allllll!!


Bird is the word!

Well everybody’s heard about the bird !
Bird bird bird, the bird is the word !
pauwMehdi Le Mair


uilRoger Merling Meijer


babyfogelWillem Jansen


DSC_0672Rudolf Maartens


Last week a SintLucas student, named Casper Noorthoorn, came by shoot some cool pictures for a school assignment.
Also a good  impression of the shop for the people who never been here.

IMG_0871 IMG_0896 IMG_0904 IMG_0912 IMG_0920 IMG_0926 IMG_0937 IMG_0948 IMG_0979

Thanks for the photos Casper!

Ladies first!

We had a couple of beauties inside the shop, and because we are such gentle guys, we made a nice quote for them.

So remember guys:

”Pretty ladies, small and tall, at Bunker we can make them all”



kattekopRoger Merling Meijer

wolfhoofdWillem Jansen

Girl-Face-ImruhRudolf Maartens

Black and grey biceps

Places that used to be left open are now tattooed first!

Today two diehards came back to show their healed biceps.

Dot_skull_healed copyRoger Merling Meijer

Timeless_healedWillem Jansen

We like to see healed work, so hope to see you soon!




And now a special about the one and only, Rudolf Maartens a.k.a. Andy McCockinson a.k.a. Triangulum Nigrum.











Stay tuned for more specials!

A little bit of everything

Let’s start the year with a little bit of everything.

tomMehdi le Mair

koidragon2Roger Merling MeijerskullhelmWillem Jansen

geoThomas Goossens

martiniRudolf Maartens


Happy Hostage 2013!!!!!

We, the Legendary tall Bob and Erik the Viking, have kidnapped the blog.

From now on a lot less bullshit and a lot more pictures.



We’ll be back!!!