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Month: August, 2012

Diamond On The Ribs

By Willempie


Human Rights Tattoo

We will be attending this years Boogie Down Breda hip hop festival, along with
Human Rights Tattoo we’ll be working there giving away free tattoos.

Hold your horses! Don’t get carried away just yet!
It’s not just any free tattoo.

There is a specific meaning and purpose for the whole project.
Basically you donate one square-centimeter of you skin to the Human Rights Declaration.

Having a letter of the Human Rights Declaration means you are reminded of yours and everybody else’s rights. It is a way of putting your signature under the Declaration of Human Rights only this time a piece of the document is signed on you. You will carry it with you. For the rest of your life.

You can read more about it on their site, which is over here –> Human Rights Tattoo

It’s on Saturday the 25th of August 2012!
So if you are down with equal human rights get your ass over there and support the cause.

Life Goes On

There comes a day in every mans life, where he has to blog. Fortunately for me that day happens a lot and this is one of those days.

Life in the Bunker is sweaty and hot, Willem is still sexually harassing everyone around him and the rest of us live in constant fear of the bear-man. As for Mehdi, he’s back to being DJ again. Yay for the Dee Jay!!

Tattoo-wise, we’re still here getting our grind on.
Here, some examples of the afore-mentioned grind.

A couple of little ones from the little one.

A picturesque lighthouse landscape.
The holy Virgin herself, by Willem himself.
And a little moth I did on Thomas a week or two ago.

I Fucked Up!

I’m sorry! I screwed up on that last post! The sleeve by Mehdi was already on here.

So to make up for it, I’ll just post the same sleeve again….

Only now it’s healed.


Sleeve by Mehdi.
In progress by Florencio.

Roger Merling Meijer Special

So, I was digging through the archives just now and came across a couple of pictures I’ve never posted before.

Here by I’m dedicating this post to, by far, the prettiest and most sexually arousing tattooer in the northern hemisphere. My dear colleague and good friend, mister Roger Merling Meijer!
Look at the bonestructure on that!
Roger made this owl on the legendary tall Bob.
A religious sleeve on the legendary short Robin.
A script and a skull and a woman on a chest.
A snake on the legendary G.
Last but not least, a jewely mirror on the legendary wife.