Eat The Rich

Month: May, 2012

Would You Like A Biscuit With That?



Mehdi finished this here black and grey Hannya sleeve, otherwise known as a jealous-woman-devil-bitch, also known as just women in general.
Half-healed half-fresh here on the picture, but he’ll be back soon so we can take a beter picture of the healed arm.

The End Of The Rainbow

The Leprechaun came by again, to get her sleeve finished.

 I promised not to say anything bad about her and her friends again, so I’ll keep it nice and short.


See! I can be a nice guy if I need to.

The Beckoning Cat

Mehdi finished this here Maneki Neko on Lucy last week.

Breda Convention

We will be attending this years Breda Tattoo Convention coming Saturday and Sunday.

Come on by and say hello!

Baggers N Dutterflies

Rogerke made this dagger on G today.

What About Dolphins?

Dolphins are mammals.

Do dolphins have nipples?

Fish Nipples

Does anyone know if fish have nipples?

Land Ahoy

Willem made a beautiful big shit on G’s arm.

Lion From A Town Called Willem