Eat The Rich

Month: April, 2012

Wayang Kulit

Our french buddy Benjamin, came by again this week, for another two-day session with Mehdi.

They got the whole thing done, in two two-day sessions. Benjamin sat like a champ through the whole thing.

Pretty nice sleeve, a lot more graphic looking than you’re used to seeing from Mehdi.


Nigrum Triangula

Sometimes people come in with awesome ideas.

Like this here fine example, whom wanted two identical pitch black triangles on his lower arms. So simple yet so awesome.

Sorry for the photograph not really focusing on the tattoos but don’t you just love it when people dress appropriately.


A couple of smaller sized tattoos.

 A death’s-head by Willem.

And a little swallow by me.

And last but not least a little portrait by Florencio.

Vikinger Fra Lala-land

Our good ol’ viking friends came by again last week.
Birdy was so much entertained by Mehdi’s work and what he had to say, that he took a nap on the spot.

That Jet-lag really gets you after those long two-hour flights…
Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of the work in-progress, some background got shaded and a couple million dragon scales got lined.

Florencio got to do a little filler moth on Morty’s throat.

And last but not least I have a picture for you guys, of Willem trying to lick a cock!

You Guessed It!

A regular blog update just wouldn’t be complete without a koi sleeve on here!

And why not make that two koi sleeves while we’re at it.
 First one by Mehdi, second one by Roger Federer.

Honey Skull

Willem finished up this skull and snake a couple of months ago already.
I think I might have posted a in-progress picture of it quite a while back, but I’m not that sure about it.

The eagle and heart weren’t done by Willem though.

Once There Was A Belly

And it had a dragon on it.
The dragon was looking for the illusive belly button, but could not find it where ever it looked.

I’ll Poke You In The Third Eye!

As promised yet another picture.

A little detail from a sleeve Mehdi is working on.

Soar Like An Eagle, Kick Like A Tiger

Willem finished up this eagle on Shirt a couple of weeks ago.

It even has a picture of a pretty lady person in an antique golden framework,

Excuse my french but Mehdi is working on some nice shit aswell, if I say so myself .

Pretty tiger with some antique rocks and some unfinished business underneath it.

Death Untill Further Notice

Hi there,

You might remember us as that tattoo shop that used to post a picture every day and being very punctual with all that.
We’ll I’ve been slacking, busy much, and a transition to a new website/blog that didn’t all go as plannend.

We we’re back here at the starting line, gonna keep it simple and oldskool for now.

To make it up to you guys, I’ll post a picture every day, for the next couple of weeks, because we have certainly not been picking our noses over here.
We got lots of work done and lots more to show.

Here’s a black skull of the legend of red death moon triangle I finished up late last night.