Eat The Rich

Month: February, 2012

Vive La France

Mehdi started this here sleeve on Benjamin, whom came all the way from france just to get it done by Mehdi.

Really cool guy, and a trooper he sat two days straight to get as much done as possible and didn’t complain a bit.

 This picture was taken after the first day session, only the lines got done, second day a lot of shading and some additional lining got done.
He’ll be back soon to get it finished up, so I’ll keep you guys posted.


Groupie Love

Roger and Willem are Mastodon fanboys!
Gha gha ghaaa ghaa

A Little Bit Of Everything

Got a little mix of doodles that the guys here at the Bunker made over the last couple of weeks.

Yet another owl by Willem.
 Looks like owls are going to be the new thing in 2012. Wolves and koi fish are sooo 2011.

Mehdi finally got to finishing the feng huang sleeve, a lot of color and detail went into this one.

Kraken lady with skull and roses on the lower leg by Roger.

Florencio finished up this Mary and angel sleeve a couple of days ago.

Last but not least, I got two little script pieces by Willem.
Got to love what the later one says.