Eat The Rich

Month: June, 2011

50 Gazillion Degrees

Oh how I love the smell of a tattoo shop on an extremely hot and humid summers day.

I would have never known how many different smells and colors sweat can come in, if I haven’t worked here.

What a wonderful life experience this day has been for me.

In other news: Willem got to finally finish the dragon he started a couple of months ago.



Guess who it is!

That’s right, your favourite not blogging blogger.
It has been quite busy in the new shop, so I really didn’t have time to blog, it’s not an attitude thing, don’t worry.

Here you have a picture of the three angels working.

Actually, to tell you the truth, the bossman is on vacation, and since he left we haven´t been working at all, we just got a couple of friends to sit in the tattoo chairs and pose for this picture, so that he’ll think we’re doing our job and working our asses off.

Ricardo Tornado

Guy walks in, wants a tornado sleeve.
We were like wtf?
Willem was like okay.
We were like, wanna see this happen.
Willem gives Guy this.
We were like wtf!

Lacking Slacking

Hi guys!

Some of you might have noticed that I’ve been slacking a bit on the blog lately. I know this, because some of you have already been complaining about it. I won’t name any names…. LUCIE!

I could go and blame it on the fact that I was busy with moving and the whole new shop and all that. But matter of fact is I’m just lazy and I hate this blog.

No just kidding, I love the blog and every one of you guys that actually take time to read it every once in a while.
But I’ve noticed that I have less time than I had before to do the blog, and I want to try to take the blog to a higher quality level, so maybe I’m going to cut down on the amount of posts and focus more on putting up posts with more valid and useful information in them.

Don’t worry though, I won’t be cutting back on the bullshit stories and making a mock out of everything, that’s a mental issue I have to work on.

 Here’s a picture of a sleeve I’ve posted on a while ago, Mehdi got to finish it earlier this week.

Vikinger Fra Helvete

We had an awesome week here at the new shop. We could really get used to this whole new setting, I think.

Willem and I are sitting outside, next to a nice little fire we got started here, while I’m writing the blog, and winding down from a hectic but fun week.

Word of our new huble abode travels fast and far nowadays. Yesterday we got attacked and plundered by a pack of Evil, Wolf-Wrestling, Killer, Rapist, Vikings-From-Hell.

Really nice people!

I think they could have been part vampire aswell, because they couldn’t stand the sun that good.

Here is a picture of when they caught Mehdi and started assaulting and man handling him. Poor guy, he didn’t stand a chance against the Norwegian-bare-handed-bear-killers.

All kidding aside, they were really cool guys, and girl. Birdie came all the way from Norway to get the rest of his back started by Mehdi, He already had a piece by him that they started a couple of years ago in Copenhagen. Now he came back to get the rest of his back done.

We had a great time hanging out with these guys talking about wolf-wrestling-techniques, chewing ‘cow dung’ tobacco, and plundering villages in the old days.

That’s a container of the cow dung tobacco, when you put it in your mouth for a while, it supposedly makes your breath smell like real viking breath and makes you irresistable to the viking women. Really potent stuff!

Mehdi got Birdie back pretty well for man-handling him earlier. With a 5 hour lining session on his sunburnt back.

All in all, take some awesome people, some awesome food, an awesome shop mix them all together and what you get is a pretty awesome time.

It’s Bad… Really Bad

Mehdi blackmailed our friend Anco. We had his painting of Dikke Dennis, and Mehdi said he could come and pick it up any time he wants to, but only if he does so in a thong.

Well… Anco came to pick up his painting today.

The scary thing about it, was that it looked like he actually liked it.

E.T. Phone Home

A quick technical update.

Our phone is not working today, the phone company is busy switching the number to the new address.

If you want to make an appointment with Mehdi, best thing to do is drop by the shop, otherwise mail me at with all the dates you are available after July 20th. I’ll make sure to get you a space as long as there’s still space.

If you have any other questions, you are welcome to drop by the shop and I’ll help you out.

The phone should be up and working sometime this week again.

This is only for the people who are already in the process of getting their pieces finished by Mehdi! So no new stuff!