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Month: May, 2011

Crystal Meth….Uhhhm… I Mean Ball

Here’s a picture of a dragon Florencio started a while back. It took 3 light-years to complete.

I think I’ll get some pictures of the new shop up sometime next week. We still have to unpack some stuff. When it’s all done, I’ll let you in on it.
If you can’t wait, then drop by and say hi.


Veni Vidi Vasi

We came, we saw, we went on!

So, we just moved all our stuff to the new location. It’s always a reality check when you realize you have like ten times more stuff than you thought you did.
It’s not untill¬†you actually start moving every thing that you realize how much crap actually fits into a small shop like this.

It is going to be a busy weekend trying to get as much stuff done as possible. I think we’ll still need a week or two to get everything on the right place and start settling down.

Looking promising already, I would have liked to post a picture of how it’s looking now, but the camera is in one of the boxes, and I’m not feeling like playing hide and go seek right now.

The shop will be open normal hours again as of Tuesday, and the new address is:

Bunker Tattoo
St. Annastraat 12a

Feel free to drop by if you’re in the neighbourhood.

This Post Was Totally…

Quick! Hide The Evidence

Willem killed two dragons with a bat today!

Two dragons just minding their own business on a cloudy spring day.

When all of a sudden Willem the barbarian, kicks in the door and smashes their faces with his bat.

Not The Best Picture In The World

A little common swallow Florencio did a while back, I wasn’t sure to post it at first because the picture is really bad.
The image is a bit distorted aswell, so you will have to use your imagination on this one. And just trust me when I say it’s way cooler in real life.

We Like To Move It, Move It

We just got back all the way from the Breda convention.
It was an exhausting long 10 minute trip all the way to the venue. But we survived.

Now getting ready to move everything over to the new shop some time¬† this week. In contrary to popular belief and rumors, we are not going to close the shop for 2 weeks nor are we going to re-build. Don’t know who started that rumor, but I’ve heard it a couple of times the past weeks.

We are open all the way trough the move.

We also picked up a couple of copies of the new book ‘Dutch Tattoo Studios‘, you can pick one up here if you are interested.

Dots Are People Too!


12th Needle Art Convention

Who is joining is at our hometown tattoo convention this weekend?

Needle Art Convention.

Part Deux

Half done, Half healed, Half fresh, makes 1,5 tattoos!

Friday 13

All Friday 13ths should be international-bloggers-days-off.

Don’t you guys think so too?