Eat The Rich

Month: February, 2011

Enter The Dragon

A little picture for the weekend of a sleeve Mehdi is working on, the bottom part was already there.
Mehdi only did the dragon.

The pictures don’t do it justice though, it looks way better in real life.


All Hail Your New Suppressor!

I present to you the anti-christ-gypsy-pimp-man-guy.

I got my pimp swag on today with some new furs.

Dim Sum Thursday

90 Minutes in and I’m still staring at a blank screen. All I got is this stupid title that doesn’t even make any sense what so ever. We didn’t even have dim sum today.

Pretty stupid I can think of anything relevant to say, because this is a
picture that could have quite some text with it.
But, by the looks of it, I think this one will pass by here a couple of times more before it’s finished. So I’ll have a second chance sometime soon to make up for today.

All I have to say is, this is Kees, he’s getting a full bodysuit by Mehdi, and he has quite a way to go still.
Thanks for tuning in, have a great night, and see you tomorrow.

We Have A Drowner!

Some underwater action by our guestartiste Florencio.


Well, I’m typing this with one hand and a piece of paper on my nose and my head tilted back, barely seeing the screen as I type.

One of my nerdy characteristics wich I try to hide from the world is this! My spontaneous nosebleeds.
Actually it’s kind of cool, but not really macho.

On top of not being sexy it’s probably the least useful superpower I posses.

No pictures today, since I can’t see anything I’m doing, hopefully the gods will have mercy on me tomorrow and let me blog again properly.

Atleast now I can say I’m a hardcore blogger! Fuck Yeah!

Isah Weekend

Bueno, Ehhh….

Today isa the first day of ehhh the weekend for us. So we are go parteh.

So you have fun aswell, and ehhh, yes enjoy it.

And… Ehhhh…. nothing!

Mucho Amor,

El luchador magnifico

20 Something

It’s a dragon backpiece Mehdi finished a while back.
This one, he started about 2 or 3 years ago. Now he finaly came by to get it finished.

Wild Willem Jeger

A while ago I posted about my rare Wild Willem sighting. When I saw and documented a real Wild Willem in its natural habitat.

If you asked me then I would have said that’s a chance of one in a million, and it would probably never happen again in my life time.

Boy, was I wrong! Turns out, the Willem actually got used to human presence and after a while he came back more often, looking for food, and once even tried mating with one of us, I will not state whom that person was for his sake of dignity.

All that I can say, is that the Willem, at one point became so obtrusive, that we had to take higher measures.
It was around that time, that one of our customers mentioned that he knew a guy that knew a guy that heard of a fellow whose third cousin in law is a Wild Willem jeger.

So we contacted this Wild Willem jeger guy and today he showed up, dressed in traditional Norwegian hunting attire, on the hunt for the Willem.

Yep… that’s the guy! If you’re asking yourself why he looks kind of like the Willem himself, that is no coincidence.
He actually disguises himself as a female Willem, to lure it into thinking it is going to mate. Only then the jeger can get close enough to slay the Willem, with his poisonous neuro-cytotoxic lobster arrow.

Prepare The Lynch

So, I guess I have to apologize for yesterday’s post.
Yes, that’s right, the one that never existed.

That was actually the first time, since I started this blog, that I forgot to post. I had that feeling of forgetting something but not knowing what it is in my head all day. It wasn’t untill 2:30 last night that I realized that I’ve neglected my trusty readers.

This morning I had already received some hate-mail. Haters gonna hate.
But I’m headstrong, you won’t get me down, you stupid hater peoples!

Here’s a nice little skull Willem is working on.

Ships And Roses And Stuff

Like the title said, ships and roses and stuff and so.