Eat The Rich

Month: January, 2011

Lovely Lucie

Lucie brought us home made cupcakes-o-love.

Thanks you!



Este es un tatuaje por el luchador magnífico.

Un hecho interesante # 2391:
En realidad, hay una estatua dorada de Buda de la vida real en Bangkok, que tiene el récord mundial de mayor estatua de oro en el mundo.
La estatua es de 3 metros de altura y pesa 5,5 toneladas, se cree que se han realizado durante el período de Sukhothai en el siglo 13.

Wait, What?

Guess what these two were doing!

Spring Is Coming

Willem did this here swallow a couple of weeks ago.

Swallows were often the first to land on a ship that had been out to sea for long periods of time. So the bird came to symbolize being close to or finding your way home. That’s why the tattoo of the swallow became popular for its symbolism of home.

The swallow is also the harbinger of the spring season.

Saudara Selamanya

Two brothers came in to get the same tattoo, the one you see here on the picture, only I was so clever not to take a picture of the other one.

Go me!! I rock!

Question Everything You See

I was kind awestruck today when out of the corner of my eye, I saw something move. When I turned to look what it was, I saw a wild Willem, totally in shock I ran to get my camera so I could document this rare occurence.

I got to take a picture of the Willem in his natural habitat, foraging for food I think.

Luckily the beast was unaware of my presence, so I could study it in its natural behaviour for a couple of minutes before it disappeared into the deep of night again.

There is not much known about this particular species of Willem, except for that it survives on a diet of Coca-Cola and cookies, preferably brownies. It is said that the Willem lives in dark and moist places, like caves or the man-made basements or attics.

It only comes out of its hiding place to feed, collect drawing utensils and in the mating season, wich is all year round, it comes out to seduce female Willems with its manly beard, wich can grow to fierce proportions.

Tighty Whitey

Roger dropped this bom diggedy cherrie blossom sleeve a while back, it ain’t done yet.
I’m sure he’ll hit the homie up some time in the near future for the rest of his ink, yo!

Call Of The Raven

Here are some wise words wich did not come from my mouth.

Something Fishy

Lovley Lucy got her neck finished the otherday, this was the aftermath.

The Bigger Picture

Here’s the rest of Saturdays post.

Very appropriate design choice, a phoenix. Seeing that it is a cover-up, the phoenix, representing second chances, fits quite well in the picture.

Note to reader: It’s half-healed-half-fresh, that’s why the contrast is higher on some places than others.