Geben Sie Bitte Ihren Titel Ein

by bunkertattoo

Todays post is an addition to yesterdays’. The prelude so to say, it’s kind of the making of.

Some of you might remember me mentioning something about a sleeve that I was going to document from beginning to end, to show the whole process, from the general idea to finished tattoo.

Alas, my efforts were sabotaged by the shitty-picture fairy. Fortunately though, we make more than one sleeve a year, so I got a second chance from the almighty second-chance fairy.

Yesterday you got the lined sleeve, today you get the process of making the drawing.

First Mehdi drew the main composition on the skin with pen, whereafter he took it off and put it on paper.

Then he makes a rough sketch of the overal drawing.

After that he fine tunes it in pencil.

Final design in pen.

Time to stick it on and start with tattooing.