Well, Okay Then.

by bunkertattoo

Our friend Florencio made a little birdy, on a little girly.

Nothing big or fancy, but I think it’s cute.

We also received a peculiar phone call today, wich kind of made me giggle on the inside whilst I was talking to him.
It was this guy that was sent by the catholic church to come and convert us all into christians. Because, as he put it: We are mutilating people and will all be going to hell for it.

Fortunately the guy turned out to be really nice, he insisted on burning a candle for us so our sins will be forgiven by god himself.
On top of that he insisted on personally coming by tomorrow to see to it that we are all converted to the catholic religion, so we can spend our whole eternalness in heaven.

So that ought to be a laugh tomorrow, I really hope he comes. We are even going to specially decorate the shop for his visit, with upside-down crosses and pentagrams everywhere.