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Month: November, 2010

You Gots To Dodo What You Gots To Dodo

Erik the viking came by to show his healed dodo.


Don’t Ask

…..just…. don’t ask!

Dias De Los Muertos

Florencio made this portrait last week, eventually it will connect to a whole dias de los muertos themed sleeve.


For you peoples whom didn’t get yesterdays post.
We will be having a Dj over, Dj Fiësto will be entertaining the in-house crowd all day.
So it might be fun to drop by and check it out.

As for the fact that there aren’t any pictures in this post, is because I’m lazy and don’t want to get up and walk over to the camera, pick up the camera, carry it all the way back to my chair, take out the flash card, put the pictures on my computer, upload them to the blog and think of something smart or funny to say about them.

Instead of typing that whole story I guess I just could have gotten up and got the camera anyway, ohh well… to late for that.

Better luck tomorrow.

Jets Geht Loss!!


Mit “Ab in den Suden” wurde DJ Fiësto über Nacht zum Star.
Der Hit war 25 (!) Wochen in den Charts, erreichte “Gold”-Status und brachte DJ Fësto eine Nominierung für den deutschen Musikpreis “Echo” ein.

Seitdem landet DJ Fiësto einen Hit nach dem anderen (“Mama Mallorca”, “Schneewalzer”, “Heute wird gefeiert”, “Ich hab Dich schon mal schlanker gesehen”).
Jetzt startet DJ Fiësto mit dem Partykracher “ciao ciao mein schnuckelpüppe” in die Winter-Saison 2010.

For you whom don’t speak German, YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW!

Ohhh Baby I Like It Raw!

Florencio gave me the most gangsterous tattoo ever today.

It’s a portrait of the greatest rapper alive. Well, he’s not alive anymore, he went to Miami a couple of years ago, after he was assassinated by the C.I.A.

Rest In Miami Dirt McGirt.

Get ‘R Dun

Mehdi started this little piece on Lucy.
She had an apointment to continue the shading on her still not done arm, but she thought it might be a better idea to suprise Mehdi and just start a new piece already.

Back Then

Mehdi came in the other day with a gargantious bag filled with pictures of tattoos he did. So we dug around and found a picture of the very first tattoo he did on a customer, over 15 years ago.

The Voices, I Hear Them.

This is part deux of the sneak peek you got last week, of the koi half sleeve, Mehdi started.

As I Go

I’ve done quite some research for this post, and still I’m not sure what exactly I should put on here.
You see, the problem is that this flower im going to write about has quite a few symbolic meanings, each one has its own unique context.

I guess I’ll just give you all the meanings I could find, in a nutshell, I don’t want this be become one of those boring posts that you stop reading halfway through.

This is one of the sleeves you got to see a sneak peek of last week.

It’s a barong mask with flowers in the background, Morning Glory flowers, to be more specific.

The Morning Glory, also Asagao in Japanese, stand for willful promises, bravery, present time, and even in traditional Chinese folklore it stands for one particular day in the year when the two lovers, Chien Niu and Chih Neu, are allowed to meet.

According to Chinese lore, Chien Niu was a boy who was entrusted to take care of water buffalo in the heavenly kingdom. A girl named Chih Neu was put in charge of seamstress duties. They fell in love, and the romance caused them to neglect their duties. In anger, God forced the young lovers to be separated on both sides of the Silver River and allowed then to meet only once during the whole year.

In the case of it representing present time, has also probably more to do with where the flower derived its name from.
It is called Morning Glory because it blooms in the morning and dies in the afternoon. Wich is a very timely existence. Therefor reminding us to life for the moment.

I’ll try to write more about the barong mask the next time this sleeve passes by.