Better Late Than Never

by bunkertattoo

Like the title says already, this post is later than it was supposed to be.

I was supposed to put up the winners of the sticker contest, but I haven’t.
I know I’m not that good at planning stuff, so you should blame my secretary for not letting me know on time. Or maybe you should blame the fact that I don’ t even have a secretary, or even more so, the fact that I don’t even have an agenda.

First off I have a couple of entries, I haven’t put up yet.
Kinder Bunker.

Bunker chewinggums.

Bunker soaps.

Bunker bunny.

Unfortunately none of these where included in the final three.
But these where!

Third place goes to, Mehdi and I.
Now don’t go saying it’s unfair, because it’s our competition. I just had to include it. Come on seriously, how often do you see stickers on a plane? Especially Bunker stickers?
Samuel L. Jackson would be getting tired of these motherf*cking stickers on these motherf*cking planes.

Second place goes to, Dennis.

For his Bunker shirt improv. The only reason he is in the final three, actually, is because het got me a sandwich the other day.

The first prize goes to, Pascal!

For his pirate sticker. Because pirates kick ass and they deserve some credit for that every once in a while.

All the above winners can come by to collect their prizes, when they want, as they want and if they want.