by bunkertattoo

Mehdi got to do some shading on the Geisha shoulder. It’s still not finished though.

I don’t know the exact meaning or reason behind this particular tattoo. However I would like to share some information on the Geisha itself.

A Geisha is a member of a professional class of women in Japan whose traditional occupation is to entertain men. They must be adept at singing, dancing, and playing traditional musical instruments in addition to being skilled at making conversation. They usually start their training in girlhood.

The geisha system is thought to have emerged in the 17th century to provide a class of well-trained entertainers set apart from courtesans and prostitutes. The numbers of geisha have declined from some 80,000 in the 1920s to a few thousand at present
Most of them are still active in the Tokyo and Kyoto areas, where they are patronized by only the wealthiest businessmen and most influential politicians.
Geishas however are not to be mistaken for prostitutes, they were supposed to entertain primarily through their performing arts and making conversation.