They’re Here

by bunkertattoo

Our friend Merlijn Zeeders came by today.
Not only is he a friend of ours, he is also our graphic designer and a graphic artist himself.
He is having an exposition of his digital artwork in Tilburg from the 7th to the 30th of September. Go and check it out.

We got one of the prints from his expo, and he came by to sign it today.
The cool thing about the print is that it has a lot of pictures from in and around Breda and even a couple from our tattoo shop incorporated into the final design.
There are still some limited edition prints available of his work, if you are interested you can contact him.
You can find more information about it on his site MadreDios.

Another thing that might be mention worthy, is that he didn’t only come by to sign the picture, he also brought a little present with him.
That’s right! The stickers are back, so let’s get busy vandalising stuff.
Tomorrow is the last day this week you can come by and get some stickers from the shop. Seeing that we are heading to London on friday. However I’ll make sure to drop of a couple of them at Bonk, Epic and Britain, so you can still pick them up when we are out of town.
Don’t forget to send in pictures of all your sticker escapades. There will probably be a big sticker update as soon as we get back from London this weekend.

Tomorrow is the last blog update for this week, but it’s a very special one, so don’t forget to check it out.