Holy Monkey Nuts

by bunkertattoo

That’s a shit load of pictures. I have to give it to you guys, I didn’t expect to receive this much pictures in the first week.
A lot of good ones, unfortunately there are also a few I will have to disqualify, but more about that in a sec.

I even got a couple of pictures myself when I was in Den Bosch this weekend.
Unfortunately I will have to disqualify the following pictures, as for I don’t consider half-curled-off stickers as fully or properly stuck on.

Pascal sent me this one, wich I consider one of the top contenders for this competition.
Even though I should probably disqualify it for not being properly stuck on something, its originality won me over, and I’m still the boss of this here competition so I can make exceptions like that.

These two were sent in by Dennis.

At first I was impressed with the police car, but after a second glance you clearly see that it’s not stuck on fully. Cheating, by folding over 2 corners and sticking it on, shame on you Dennis. I’m sorry, but I will have to take that one out of the competition, too bad, because I really liked it.

As for the horse, that’s just wrong, disqualified aswell, on count of animal cruelty.
Animal cruelty and cheating? You of all people should know better Dennis. I’ll give you another chance to prove your honesty and loyalty, you can still compete, but you’ll have to make new, better pictures. No cheating this time.

Other Dennis sent me the following three.
Not the most unusual spot I’ve come across, but they are stuck on good and with care, and will go a long way, so they earn some respect.

This is a good one, nice spot, properly stuck on and blends in well, so it will probably hang there for a while.
A couple of trash cans, good! Except for the last one, upside-downers don’t count.
Same goes for this one.
Last but not least, a good one, but rather obvious spot.

The competition will probably run untill we leave for London, end of this month, so you still have a couple of days to stick those stickers on the most ridiculous spot you can imagine, send them to
info@bunkertattoo.nl and earn some discount on tattoos, piercing, or win the special bonus prize.

Remember, no cheating! You can’t cheat on a cheater.