What A Day, What A Day

by bunkertattoo

We have a couple of points on the agenda today.

First point on the agenda.
What a hectic day! It was fun, but crazy.
School has started again and today was go-crazy-for-school-day. The place was crawling with students, hundreds of them came by to get pierced. It was for some kind of competition between several groups of students to start the year off with.
Apparently one person of each group had to get their navel pierced for points to be earned. Boy’s who got pierced earned bonus points. All you have to know is, that there are a couple of guys walking around in Breda right now, with their belly buttons pierced.

What has become of the education system? Nowadays, you send your children to school and they come back home with a piercing. I’m not sure what to think about this new way of educating the youth.

Second point on the agenda.
My last post triggered a couple of questions with some of you.
So it got me thinking, maybe it’s cool to start doing this blog on a more interactive kind of way, for you guys, by doing a Q&A post every now and then, with answers to questions you ask me.
Or if there are specific things you would want to hear about or see from us at the shop, I will make special posts for you, answering everything you want to know.

I’m apologizing in advance, I tried to get an honest and serious answer out of all of them but I’m not sure if I really succeeded on that matter.
Niels would like to know: “If you guys have certain dream projects you would like to do someday? Challenges that you want to have concerning tattoos?”

Mehdi: “I would like to tattoo my name all over Barbarella, in a galaxy far, far away.”
Roger: “I would like to make a really good, big piece on a girls crotch.”
Willem: “I would like to stay a pussy for the next 4 years and rather not answer your question.”

There you go Niels, I hope you got the answers you where looking for. If you ask me, Roger was the most honest one of the lot and his answer is probably the most reliable.

As for Duncan, who said: ” I would like to see the phases of a tattoo. So first the sketch on paper, outlines on the skin, shadow, colour and then the end-result… always nice to see something evolve.”

It’s on its way, this will most likely be a long-term project, so you will just have to wait untill all the steps are completed and the tattoo in question is done.