God Of Flow

by bunkertattoo

Mehdi started this chest piece a couple of days ago. It’s a tattoo of the japanese goddess Benten.

Originally she was the Indian river goddess. Her Sanskrit name “Sarasvatī” means “flowing water” and thus she represents everything that flows. For example, music, words, speech, dance and so forth.

Later she was adopted into the Shinto pantheons of Japan, where she is now known as Benten, one of the seven lucky gods of Japan, of which she is the only female.

She comes in many forms, usually depicted with multiple arms, holding martial implements to indicate her role as protector against disaster.

Her predecessor, Sarasvati, represented learning, music and poetry. Such artistic learning and wisdom often bring prosperity, hence her inclusion in the Japanese group of the seven lucky gods.

She is the goddess of music, the fine arts, and good fortune in general.