Big Old-Fashioned Update

by bunkertattoo

As you might have read already, it’s time for a big good old-fashioned update, starting off with a piece Roger made today. On a sweet girl who just so happened to have cracked the code of life. Wich Plato, Socrates or even Darwin could not quite do. Her tattoo says it all.
So forget all those philosophers and scientist with their complex theory’s trying to explain the meaning of life. Just live life with passion, enjoy every day to the fullest while you still can, or you will regret it later.

Next up is our cave animal Willem, he added a pinch of green to the trout leg, wich sounds weird, because trout don’t have legs. They’re fish, fish have fins.
It’s not finished just yet, probably one more session for the background and to tie everything together.

Last but certainly not least we have a piece Mehdi started today, of a big fat koi fish.

First session done, more to come.

Tomorrow is tattoo education day again, so get out your pens and pads.