Roses Are Grey, Violets Are Grey

by bunkertattoo

Roger finally finished this here rose sleeve. It has the logo of an army battalion in it. I’m not a big war fan, but I like the roses.

I was also looking to put a little bit of information on rose symbolism on here, but the majority of rose meanings have to do with the color of the rose, seeing that every color rose has it’s own specific meaning.

Strange enough I couldn’t find the meaning of grey roses. So you’ll just have to wait untill we have some tattoos of colored roses I guess.

And as promised, the sexy surprise our guest artist Florencio made.
It’s a more modern take on a traditional pin-up face. If you are wondering why it has a special frame around it, that’s because I stole the picture from his MySpace.
If you have MySpace aswell go and add him as a friend and tell him I said hi. But don’t tell him I’m stealing his pictures.