Consider The Birds

by bunkertattoo

You might have asked yourself why the ‘smark shart remark’ shark has wings.

I’ll take this tattoo to point out a few things about the placement of your tattoo, you might want to take into consideration before or when you want to get tattooed.
The placement of a tattoo is pretty important because a drawing might look perfect in one spot, but would make no sense at all somewhere else on the body.

Ailis, the owner of the smark shart shark, wanted a shark at the top of her back, below her neck, between her shoulderblades.
If I had drawn a typical sharkhead-splashing-out-of-the-water, the drawing would have ended with water around it.
If I did it this way, that would have meant that the rest of Ailis’ back had to be water-themed as well, because the tattoo is at the top of her back, ending in water. You can’t put air or clouds underneath water, it would look weird and just wouldn’t make sense.
That’s why I chose to put wings on the shark, to make it air-themed. It makes sense to put an air-theme at the top of a surface, because you can put everything underneath it. More air, ground-elements or water for instance. This way, Ailis can put whatever she wants on the rest of her back without it looking strange because there’s water floating above it.

Of course it´s not that usual just to stick wings on a shark, wich really doesn´t make that much sense itself, but it does make the drawing much more interesting and cool from an illustrative point of view. It also helped that she gave me quite a bit of freedom to work on the design. Giving a tattoo artist a little bit more freedom will more often than not, end up in a tattoo that is just a bit more unique, a bit more special.