Eat The Rich

Month: August, 2010

Pierce Brosnan

Today, we don’t have the usual tattoo update, but a piercing update.
There is a new piercer in Bunkertown, and to start it off we are giving special discounts the whole month of September.

So if you want to get pierced or are still in doubt of getting one, now is your chance. Up to 50% discount on getting pierced.*
Pass it on, tell your mom.

*Depends on where you want it.


Finishing Touches

Frankie Boy’s Yama got done today.
Click on it for a bigger picture, and leave a comment.
I would love to hear more from the people who read my blog everyday. If there are things you would like to read more about, or less, or things you would like to know or see from our daily life here at the Bunker.

Let The Bird Out The Cage

If you have caged birds at home. Let them go.

Birds are born to fly and eat bugs and make baby birds and shit on people’s cars. Not to be put in cages, that’s just stupid.

Lobo Geisha Isah Butifool

Mehdi started this Geisha piece today. It was jinxed if you ask me, no matter what I tried I couldn’t get a good picture of it, usually I get annoyed when bloggers complain and excuse in advance for their bad pictures, and now I’m doing it myself.
But I’ll make sure to make good ones on the next session.
By the way, if you are bored or have any spare time on your hands, go check out a movie called Robogeisha. It’s a definitate cult classic.


It’s time for a teeny, tiny, single picture update.

Roger did these here letters a couple weeks ago.

Less Or More, Paul?

Roger finished up this here Les Paul guitar with wings. It’s a classic example of a classic design with classic symbolism. Really classic if you ask me.

The wings stand for freedom, and the guitar stands for rock ‘n roll or music in general.

Willem “The Cave Monster” Jansen knocked out a vengeful, man hungry, killer dodo from Quebec, looking for justice.
Well not completely knocked out, he still has to put some color in it.
By the way, it’s not really from Quebec, dodos don’t live in Canada, everybody knows that.

Is It Chinese New Year Yet?

Willem made this chinese dragon a while back. It’s a little bit of a cross between a chinese and a japanese dragon.

Bottoms up.

God Of Flow

Mehdi started this chest piece a couple of days ago. It’s a tattoo of the japanese goddess Benten.

Originally she was the Indian river goddess. Her Sanskrit name “SarasvatÄ«” means “flowing water” and thus she represents everything that flows. For example, music, words, speech, dance and so forth.

Later she was adopted into the Shinto pantheons of Japan, where she is now known as Benten, one of the seven lucky gods of Japan, of which she is the only female.

She comes in many forms, usually depicted with multiple arms, holding martial implements to indicate her role as protector against disaster.

Her predecessor, Sarasvati, represented learning, music and poetry. Such artistic learning and wisdom often bring prosperity, hence her inclusion in the Japanese group of the seven lucky gods.

She is the goddess of music, the fine arts, and good fortune in general.

Big Old-Fashioned Update

As you might have read already, it’s time for a big good old-fashioned update, starting off with a piece Roger made today. On a sweet girl who just so happened to have cracked the code of life. Wich Plato, Socrates or even Darwin could not quite do. Her tattoo says it all.
So forget all those philosophers and scientist with their complex theory’s trying to explain the meaning of life. Just live life with passion, enjoy every day to the fullest while you still can, or you will regret it later.

Next up is our cave animal Willem, he added a pinch of green to the trout leg, wich sounds weird, because trout don’t have legs. They’re fish, fish have fins.
It’s not finished just yet, probably one more session for the background and to tie everything together.

Last but certainly not least we have a piece Mehdi started today, of a big fat koi fish.

First session done, more to come.

Tomorrow is tattoo education day again, so get out your pens and pads.

Strong Arm Of The Law

Mister Officer was back today, to start packing some color into his chest. There’s not that much I can say about this piece anymore, it has been on here a couple hundred times already. Except for now it has color in it.
Ps: Dennis, thanks for the restaurant recommendation, looking forward to your comment.