Lo And Behold

by bunkertattoo

Believe it or not, I actually have no work to post on here today.
But, before you get angry and go kick someone in the face, I still have something special for you guys.

I had this little dilemma today of not knowing what to post on the blog, so I went “potential-post-content” hunting throughout the shop. Eventually I came across something, I thought you guys might enjoy me sharing with you.
Lo and behold! Our moustache collection.

Then to think I had no idea what to post about, while it was right smack in the middle of my face the whole time.

The reason for us having this here exquisite moustache collection, is actually because of our self-esteem issues.
You see, Willem “The Wildman” has his own natural, epic beard and moustache growth, whilst the rest of us here in the shop were not gifted with extreme hair growth at birth and therefore some of us are still having a hard time growing facial hair. Because of that, once in a while we get really insecure about our manliness and need to put on a moustache to make us feel more of a man than we actually are.
So if you see one of us working with a fake moustache on, give him a hug, because he is probably having a hard day.

PS: Don’t go thinking that we are racists because of the second moustache from the top, that is actually a goatee wich goes with the first one.