Eat The Rich

Month: July, 2010

You Don’t Get It Do You?

What are you doing, looking here? It’s weekend, go out and have fun!
Bottoms up.


Snakes On A Plane

Our caveman Willem, started on this little guy today. It’s snakes on a plane… without the plane, and just one snake. So not actually snakes on a plane, but still it’s just as awesome.
It’s not finished yet, he is still going to add color to it.

On the other side of the fence, Roger continued on this black and grey flower sleeve. It’s full of flowers you don’t usually see on tattoos, wich makes it pretty interesting.
Some of those flowers only grow on rocks if I got it right, hence the rock in there aswell.

A Good Ol’ Ass Whoopin’

Mehdi thought it might be funny to show us all why he still is the boss around here.

So he did this here flower sleeve freehand, so no stencils, just a couple of markers and the rest was needles and ink.

I dont feel like typing any more, I’m just going to curl up in a corner and cry now, bye.

Dream On

Today we have a teeny tiny bit of script by Roger.

As promised, I would post more script tattoos, even the small ones. I particularly like this one because it made me think of “Dream On” by Aerosmith. Great song, great letters, great big Roger in the background, what a great day.

La Cucaracha

We got these new cookies wich are suspiciously addictive. Once you have had a few of these cookies, you really start questioning their name, and if they were legally prepared by an authorized bakery.

They might even be more addictive than crack itself, come to think of it, I feel the urge again. Need……mooore…… neeed …..snacky cracky

I’m also the proud owner of a new Willem “The Wildman” Jansen on my leg.

It’s a death killer Madagascar hissing cockroach from hell, it even has radioactive knees, how awesome is that!

Roger Is A ……

Thats right, Roger is a peanut.
Thats all I wanted to share with you guys today.

Have a nice weekend, see you next week.

Survival Of The Fittest

Roger did a nice piece of script today.
Seeing that we praise Roger as the letter-guy, I personally feel that we have way to little script on the blog so I’m going to make sure that I document every little piece of script that we make here at the Bunker and put all the mentionworthy ones online.

Smark Shart Remark

I was thinking of a “smart shark remark” to post with the tattoo Willem lined today, when I found that “smart shark remark” itself is quite a tounge-twister already. Now I get confused just thinking of it. I keep on saying “smark shart remark”, for some annoying reason. Try saying that a couple of times in a row.

But anyways, back to the tattoo. Here is the smark shart.

Obviously it’s not done yet, so stay tuned for the update.

Holy Crap

There is actually a picture of a real tattoo today!
Roger continued on the skull and roses rib piece, it’s still not completely finished. It needs a little more black, and still some stuff to be added on the background.

Gimme Some Good Ol’ Love

Even our piercer Alisha needs some love every once in a while.

I promise that this is the last of our moustache updates. No more moustaches will be posted on this here blog for a long time to come, or so I hope. I also hope that as of tomorrow we will start posting some relevant tattoo news again.