A Word From The Wise

by bunkertattoo

Willem drew a skull for the flash folder, and wanted to share what inspired him to do it.

“The skull is an amazing image, object and symbol.
For me, it contains a mysterious spirituality, symbolising death, rebirth and the element in between life and nothingness. When we are alive te skull holds our brain, which in turn holds our imagination, our consciousness and subconscious dream state. Our Minds are as vast as the universe, yet when we die, that giant infinite mass disappears and we are left with this vessel – the skull. It is so small compared to the quantity of space that it held when we were alive that it almost seems like a magic trick. This contrast of confinement and limitless space, combined with the physical and visual elements of the skulls anatomy, are what inspire my fascination with it.”

This was written by Thomas Hooper, an English tattoo artist living and working in New York. I liked the text so much, that I wanted to share it with our beloved readers. Skulls are awesome!

Back to the shop, got a nice action shot of Roger doing a big chest script.

Willem did some color studies for the aries foot he is working on.

Wich he got to put some color on today.

The picture doesn’t do the piece justice. It looks way better in real life. I wille take some good pictures of it when the whole thing is done.