Mega Zef Zap Rave Tattoo Day

by bunkertattoo

Die Antwoord blasted trough the bunker speakers all day long, wich was mega zef. And if you don’t know who Die Antwoord is, you’re a loser.

A lot of really zef tattoos were done today, unfortunately too many to put in the same post, so I’ll keep a couple of them for a rainy day.

These bloodthirsty killer swallows were done by Roger on a cheeky korean girl, she brought korean her sister and a korean friend for some moral support, they’re lovely to have in the shop, they always put a smile on my face.

Mehdi finally got to finish this snake sleeve wich you all should be familiar with. Seeing that it is the 3rd time I’m posting it on the blog.

Some shading was added to this 3/4 japanese sleeve Mehdi is working on.

Roger also did a zef script with a little bit of japanese background wich turned out mega funky.