Welcome Back, To Us!

by bunkertattoo

We are back.

Herein follows the as promised convention coverage.
Well, half of it then. Seeing that we still need most of the photos wich were taken with another camera. Hopefully they will be here tomorrow.

It was more a boring weekend than an exciting one.

We had a little addition added to our yet existing banner, to promote our cosy little blog.

Not much tattooing happned the first day, and not so much more the next day.
Seeing that we are local, we invited some repeat clients to get some work done at the convention.

Ralf got some shading done on his dragon back piece of wich I have no pictures.

Stef got some color added to his flower sleeve of wich I have no pictures either.

Besides the millions of hours we spent on tattooing at the convention we also had time to drink some coffee, as Willem will demonstrate in the picture below.

Not only did we drink coffee, we also had time to sit and wait, as Roger will demonstrate in the following picture.

For the people whom came by on the convention, you were awesome! Hope you enjoyed it just as much as us.

Hopefully the other pictures taken at the convention are a bit more fun and exciting. Tune back tomorrow for some exciting news.