Eat The Rich

Month: June, 2010

Say Cheese And Strike A Pose

You remember that special guest I was talking about last week? Well he came by today.

He didn’t come to get tattooed, like you might expect of someone coming to a tattoo shop. Rather than that, he came by to ask Mehdi some questions. About his work, career and life.

That’s because he is busy interviewing about 30 of the country’s best tattoo artists. For a book he is writing. I can’t tell you too much about it, for one, because I don’t actually know much about it myself and of course because it’s still an ultra hi-tech top-secret project, so don’t tell anyone you got it from me.

Besides the interviews with Mehdi he also brought his mobile photo studio, so he could take some pictures of tattoos that Mehdi has done.
So we called some of our favorite clients, to see if we they could come by and get their picture taken.

And of course if we say favorite clients we couldn’t forget our neighbourhood police man Dennis.

I’ll make sure to keep you updated on the progress of the book, if I get any information about it. And of course I will let you know as soon as I know when it hits the stores.


Guess Who’s Back In Town

The wildman Willem is back. Believe it or not, he actually trimmed his beard, after reading the post I wrote about him while he was in Berlin.
Luckily he survived his trip, and hes back doing what he does best.
Bringing peace to the world!

Peek A Boo

A little sneak peek at the japanese flower sleeve Roger is working on.

Next week Willem will be back from his Beard-Rehab and there is a special guest coming to see Mehdi. It’s all about an ultra hi-tech special top secret  mega zef zap rave project thats going to happen. So stay tuned and don’t forget to come and get a Bunker Tattoo Crew T-shirt before they are all sold out, and grab a couple of stickers on your way out so we can deface the city.

Come Get Some

All I have to share with you guys today is this picture.

Roger made this oldskool snake and dagger combination a while back.

If you people want to see more cool stuff on the blog, then come and get some cool tattoos. Or just come by and hang out with us, we don’t mind good company. So see you all tomorrow.

By the way, if any of you know a really good restaurant in the neighbourhood, or if you are a good cook, please come and tell us about it. Because we are all getting gastric ulcers from the food we have been eating lately.

Killer Unicone From Hell

Roger made a Unicone tattoo today. A “Unicone” you say?
Yes, a Unicone is a mythical creature, wich is half zombie-horse, half ice-cream-cone.

Legend has it, the Unicone was the first zombie-horse ever to die trough a brain freeze. Since then it has roamed the underworld in search of antifreeze.

Happy Congratulations To Us!

Today is the 9th anniversary of Bunker Tattoo!

Nobody actually realized it until Mehdi came walking trough the door, just after closing time, with two bottles of champagne in his hands.

So we dug up some old photographs from when the shop just opened just for you guys.

These pictures were so old, they were still printed on photo paper, you actually could not view them on a screen. Wierd huh?

This is what it looked like, before any tattoos where ever done here.

Mehdi working on the interior.

The opening party. We’ll be doing this over next year, on the 10 year anniversary.

We had a little private celebration today, nothing fancy.

Add nine years, a little bit of color, a lot of ups and downs some 2010 flavour and a whole lot of experience, and you’ll find us where we are now. Still Breda, still St. Annastraat, still making Brabant beautiful.

Break It Down, Stop. Gypsy Time!

A Tuesday like every other Tuesday. Seriously easy-going. Not that much happened, so not that much to write about. Roger drew and lined this here pretty pin-up today.

And Willem finished a piece he was doing on his brother.

I have a little bit of a shop announcement for all you whom care.

Piercings will be done only on Tuesdays from now on, so no piercings on Saturdays anymore.

A Word From The Wise

Willem drew a skull for the flash folder, and wanted to share what inspired him to do it.

“The skull is an amazing image, object and symbol.
For me, it contains a mysterious spirituality, symbolising death, rebirth and the element in between life and nothingness. When we are alive te skull holds our brain, which in turn holds our imagination, our consciousness and subconscious dream state. Our Minds are as vast as the universe, yet when we die, that giant infinite mass disappears and we are left with this vessel – the skull. It is so small compared to the quantity of space that it held when we were alive that it almost seems like a magic trick. This contrast of confinement and limitless space, combined with the physical and visual elements of the skulls anatomy, are what inspire my fascination with it.”

This was written by Thomas Hooper, an English tattoo artist living and working in New York. I liked the text so much, that I wanted to share it with our beloved readers. Skulls are awesome!

Back to the shop, got a nice action shot of Roger doing a big chest script.

Willem did some color studies for the aries foot he is working on.

Wich he got to put some color on today.

The picture doesn’t do the piece justice. It looks way better in real life. I wille take some good pictures of it when the whole thing is done.

Now You See Me, Now You Don’t

Danny came trough to get some more work done on his gargantious back. Unfortunately for you guys I have no picture of the result of todays blood sweat and tears.
However though, Willem, our half man, half animal, half god, saved the day by coincidentally taking this here above sneak peek picture. Wich really doesn’t help that much actually. Seeing that you barely see anything that was done on it today. But it’s the thought that counts.

As consolation I present to you this here Lower leg sleeve, Mehdi finished up a couple of days ago.

See if you can spot the camouflaged koi.

Mega Zef Zap Rave Tattoo Day

Die Antwoord blasted trough the bunker speakers all day long, wich was mega zef. And if you don’t know who Die Antwoord is, you’re a loser.

A lot of really zef tattoos were done today, unfortunately too many to put in the same post, so I’ll keep a couple of them for a rainy day.

These bloodthirsty killer swallows were done by Roger on a cheeky korean girl, she brought korean her sister and a korean friend for some moral support, they’re lovely to have in the shop, they always put a smile on my face.

Mehdi finally got to finish this snake sleeve wich you all should be familiar with. Seeing that it is the 3rd time I’m posting it on the blog.

Some shading was added to this 3/4 japanese sleeve Mehdi is working on.

Roger also did a zef script with a little bit of japanese background wich turned out mega funky.