Two Plates Of Sushi Please!

by bunkertattoo

I was working my butt off for tomorrows convention, so Willem volunteered to write todays blog.

It was a bit smelly in our shop today, and it had everything to do with Dennis and his two fish. Today, Mehdi gave his sweet, swimmy petpals a little bit of water to swim in, and some flowers to play with.

But, as everybody knows, working with fish is a smelly business so we were a little happy and a little sad when Dennis left.

Little did we know that our joy was not long to last… Just as our noses got used to the clean air of sweaty, rough tattooed men, the smell of fish returned. The culprit was Matthieu and his fishy sleeve. Matthieu’s koi looked a bit sad, so Mehdi added a little colour to his life. Now he is a happy fish and we all wish for him to live long and prosper, in blue waters, with many many friends. Dear TattooGods, don’t let him end up in a pile of sushi, waiting to be devoured by hungry mouths…

After we send Matthieu swimming and we could breathe again, it was time to prepare for tomorrow’s convention. Packing, building, more sweating.

Dead tired as we were, we still found the strength within to set up a photo shoot that turned out so awesome and epic, it would make strong men weak in their knees.
It would bring tears to the eyes of Zeus.
It made men grow beards.
It made women faint in excitement.

BEHOLD! As promised, the ultra-top-secret-goodie surprise!

Garments that will take all your problems and sorrows away. Clothing that, simply put, will definately make your life better.
Please drop by the shop and get yours while they last.