Angels Will Rise And Koi’s Will Swim

by bunkertattoo

First off, I have a piece of Florencio, he has been working on for a while and finished today.

There were like a gazillion angels incorporated into it, but it turned out pretty cool, I liked the overal flow of the whole sleeve. To bad for you I did not get a picture of it haha.

Mehdi started a realy awesome project today, wich we all are pretty excited about.

As you can see in this here above photo, it’s going to be the front half of a traditional japanese body suit. The main themes will be koi’s and a tibetan skull.

One of the biggest misconceptions about tattooers is that it is not about how good you can ride a Harley-Davidson. But actually believe it or not! It’s about how good you can draw.

It’s amazing how many stupid people there are out there thinking they can tattoo whilst they are not even capable of drawing a straight line on a piece of paper.

It takes years of drawing experience and dedication before you can even start thinking about becomming a serious tattoo artist. But enough already with the complaining.

In the meanwhile Mehdi finished lining the koi half of the design. He is still working on the other half of the drawing, so that will be done another day.

Here is a picture of the lines done today.

The coolest part about this all is actually that Dennis, the guy wearing it, is a cop! Got to love that! Makes me actually want to like the police.

So stay tuned for more on this bodysuit in the making.

And ow yeah… obey the law!