Germ Killer From Heaven And A Backpiece From Hell

by bunkertattoo

Hectic day at the shop, we got our new autoclave delivered this afternoon wich is a blessing from the heavens, since our old one just decided to quit a couple days ago and we had to run back and forth to another shop in town to get our stuff sterilized. So now we can get back to sending diseases to hell from our own shop. (the new one also has a lot more shiny lights and buttons on it than the old one!!)

Besides that, a lot of tattooing got done. Unfortunately I did not have enough time in between running from one place to another to take pictures of all of it.

But….. I was able to sneek in a few of the more mention worthy piece done today.
Mehdi did some work on Frank’s little Yama.

Frank is also the guy that produces our trademark single piece tubes. Milled out of single pieces of high grade stainless steel which are pretty awesome and easy to clean so keep your eye out for them.

Stay tuned for updates on the Yama backpiece.